$5M tax base to the City of Wauwatosa

The 2515 development creates a significant investment in the neighborhood and new tax base ($5M+ in new revenue with no city money -TIF) and thousands of hours of construction labor, bringing much needed high-paying construction jobs to the city.

Perfect Location

Intricate Architectural Elements

We have invested money and time in revamping our design to be more congruent with the structures surrounding the site using a town home concept – something the group suggested would be a better fit for the site.  The building design incorporates lots of glass, balconies, split-leveling for enhanced street appeal with landscaping incorporated in the design. The new design 8 ft Taller than a neighboring property (Eight feet gabled roofs, to accommodate the neighbors request for a “Town Home Feel"). 

Smaller, Better Design

Saving the Cabin

Committed to preserving and enhance the historic Log Cabin and currently under contract with Galbrath Carnahan Architects (GCA) to take the cabin and allows for the GCA to stay within the city of Wauwatosa, specifically district 5. We will be donating the cabin to GCA and moving the Cabin enabling the GCA to keep their business in the city of Wauwatosa.


Tax Base


Luxury Apartments


Parking Spots


sq.ft. of Parking

Floor Plans

This is a typical floor plan for a representative studio apartment.
This is a typical floor plan for a representative 1 bedroom apartment.
This is a typical floor plan for a representative 2 bedroom apartment.

The perfect location

Located on Wauwatosa Ave, gives easy access to everything Wauwatosa & Milwaukee has to offer.
Mayfair Mall
Downtown Tosa
Milwaukee Regional Medical Center
Currie Park
Pius High-school
So much to do...
Desirable Location
Centrally located and within short distance of all major Wauwatosa hot-spots (Tosa Village, Mayfair Mall, North Ave, Wisconsin Regional Medical, etc) while only a 10 minute drive to downtown Milwaukee.
Long term residents
The Right Tenants
We are proud to say that we will be marketing to tenants that are seeking long term residency in Wauwatosa. This combined with the added bike storage helps minimize any traffic impact to the best of our ability.
Small in Comparison
Project Size
After listening to the concerns of local residents, the developer reduced the number of units by half, which makes it more comparable with previously approved and flourishing developments in the area.
Benefits of Proposed Development
Development Benefits
The development team has went to great lengths to propose a luxury apartment building which coincides with the charm and demographics that make Wauwatosa a great place to live. The design gives greater setbacks, more green space, less density, shorter than previously approved Pasadena Apartments.
Luxury Apartments
High quality tenant base with a high end interior buildout offering market rate rent and above.
Lots of Parking
With over 11,000 sq/ft of parking, the building averages over one stall per apartment - 34 parking spaces in total.
Tax Revenue for the City
Significant investment in the neighborhood and new tax assessment base of over $6M.
No city money requested (TIF) for the development.
The Right Fit
The units are made up of 75% one-bedroom and studio apartments to alleviate overcrowding concerns.